Our Services

PARR foundation has recognized a gap in providing necessary services in the field of prosthetics.  PARR contributes to this unique community by offering several different services.

Education Courses

PARR will create, write, sponsor, and deliver continuing education courses for rehabilitation specialists, such as physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and certified prosthetists and orthotists.  Existing continuing education courses in rehabilitation therapy are typically created and hosted by for-profit companies, resulting in poor access to those in need and content that may not be applicable to the prosthetic community. PARR will attempt to fill that void and provide applicable continuing education courses.

Athletic and Recreation Field-Day Events

PARR will hold athletic and recreation field-day events in which people living with limb loss are taught activities such as golfing, running, rock climbing, and can participate in other physical activities related to amputation prosthetics. Furthermore, clinics will be offered to teach amputees advanced walking and independence techniques not covered by insurance and therapy. PARR offers such services through amputee support groups, and currently offers this service in conjunction with Camp No Limits, a non-profit organization in which children with limb loss can particpate in a weekend camp with their families. Additionally, PARR volunteers and teaches programs in walking, biking, and other therapy techniques.

Help Facilitate Proper Service

PARR leadership will help facilitate amputees who may not have the means, pay for prosthetics or receive proper service from prosthetists in the community. PARR will achieve this by soliciting the help of local providers and prosthetic component companies, as well as by offering their personal services. Through these outreach programs, the leadership will be able to help members of the prosthetic community regain the ability to perform physical, athletic, and recreational activities, receive applicable education, and benefit from prosthetic devices for performing and completing activities of daily living. The PARR foundation has and will continue to promote advocacy initiatives to improve the quality of life for persons living with limb loss.


Combat Wounded Amputee Outreach

Combat Wounded Amputee Network is a group of military heroes from around the globe that are teaming up with the Prosthetic & Amputee Rehabilitation & Research Foundation to aid each other in raising public awareness, conducting prosthetic research, securing their prosthetic needs and conducting various athletic activities in a weekend of fun. The goal is to foster a fraternal organization of combat wounded amputees who mentor other members throughout their life long recovery and advance the field of prosthetic research, while securing them the physical and emotional resources they need to succeed.

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