Amputees Moving Forward

Program Mission:

We are committed to providing hope and support for each and every amputee that we come in contact with. Our Mission is to make sure amputees are given access to the best care and treatment no matter what and to ensure that amputees receive the lifestyle they deserve and more.

Our Vision:

To connect, throughout the globe, with new amputees, as well as, older amputees to direct them to an organization that can deliver the highest quality design and care to every individual regardless of their background, race, gender, or income status.

My Story:

I became an amputee in 1993, due to a horrific automobile accident. I’ve had several prosthesis, as a result of searching for one that would fit my lifestyle, with no luck until I was connected to Prosthetic Design and Research in 2015. Prosthetic Design and Research is a prosthetic provider based in Tampa, FL whose mission is to deliver the highest quality of prosthetic design and care to their patients through evidence based research and science. Now, I have the prosthesis I’ve been searching for and I live my life with no limits.

Contact Us:

Phone: 229.881.6117 or 229.881.3773
Instagram: @amputeesmovingforward
Facebook: Amputees Moving Forward One Leg At A Time

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